What Is Vibration Therapy?

There are two different forms of vibration therapy that will be discussed here. The first is a form of energy healing in which Tibetan Singing Bowls are used to generate sound and vibration as the receiver, or patient, lays on a table or sits in the lotus position.

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tibetan singing bowls

This form of energy healing has been in use for many generations to compliment a Reiki session or on their own for meditation and relaxation. These highly refined metal bowls are designed to hold their tone, when struck by a soft hammer, for a long period of time.

The sounds and vibrations are intended for bringing balance and harmony to your Qi through relaxation and stress reduction.

How Vibration Therapy is Performed

A common way to administer vibration therapy, when used in energy healing, is for the receiver of the therapy to lay flat on their back, usually on a massage table. Similar to a massage session, the atmosphere in the room is peaceful with very little noise and disturbances.

As you lay on the table, with your eyes closed, the practitioner may begin the session with some Reiki massage to create connection between them and you. This initial stage sets the stage for the remainder of the session.

After you have relaxed and calmed your mind, the practitioner will begin using the bowls by softly tapping them with a cloth hammer. The bowls are often lifted and hovered over you. They are cradled in a soft pillow that allows for the vibration to last a long time. Different sized bowls are used that emit different sounds and vibrations.

Check out this video of a Vibration Therapy session:

As you can see, this is a very peaceful and soothing form of energy healing. The idea of the sounds and the vibrations coming from the bowls stimulates your Qi and releases blockages that can cause pain and discomfort, stress, depression, and other disorders and aliments.

Other Ways of Using Vibration Therapy

Laying on a message table and receiving vibration healing from a practitioner is not the only use of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Just listening to a sound recording of the bowls being rung can sooth and calm the mind. Listening to these sounds during meditation, or even as background sound when you are working, can calm the mind and assist in balancing your Qi.

Vibration Therapy for Sports Medicine

The second form of vibration therapy was developed nearly fifty years ago in Russia, the former Soviet Union, and is very different from vibration therapy used in energy healing. It is included here in order to emphasize the power of vibration and its effect on the human body.

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Most supporters of this second form of vibration therapy most likely do not know about the use of vibration to bring harmony and balance to your Qi. However, they do understand the ability of vibration to treat certain physical disorders and energize and condition the body.

Modern Vibration Therapy

As stated earlier, the Soviets discovered the benefits of vibration therapy years ago. However, it was kept under wraps by the secretive government for many decades. Their discovery came during the years of the competitive space race with the United State in the 1960’s.

Russian studies determined that cosmonauts were able to spend more and more time in the zero gravity states of outer space when vibration was administered to their bodies. Among other benefits, the Russians found that they were able to preserve muscle mass and bone density under the zero gravity conditions of outer space.

Decades later, long after the secret was revealed, athletic coaches began infusing vibration therapy into high performance athletic training. They found athletes were able to recover more quickly after athletic events, and strength and resistance training were easier on the body. Vibration therapy eventually become a standard training tool for athletic trainers and coaches at all levels.

Recently, vibration therapy has made a revival in popularity with its function as a therapeutic and healing modality. It has worked its way into the mainstream allowing you to obtain maximum benefit from your specified training routine.

Vibration Therapy Machines

Vibration therapy machines

Vibration Therapy Machine

This form of vibration therapy is very different from the vibration therapy used in energy healing. Modern vibration therapy uses sophisticated machines that produce very specific levels of vibration that shake the body.

The shaking that occurs is similar to putting your body through a rigorous training regimen. People that have used them are physically tired after treatment and are sweating, whether they just stood on the machine, or performed exercises while on the machine.

Benefits of Vibration Therapy

Vibrational Healing works like a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Whole body vibration therapy increases muscle mass, physical strength, and increases balance and endurance. It boosts your circulation system which in turn increases the oxygen levels within the body. All with less effort than weight training or resistance training commonly part of a workout routine.

Vibration Therapy – A Part of a Physical Therapy Plan

Modern and progressive Physical Therapists are using whole body vibration therapy as part of a comprehensive physical therapy treatment plan.  It has been used successfully in treating many conditions such as:

  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Osteoperosis

Vibration has been shown to improve bone density, relieve joint pain associated with trauma or arthritic disease, and even something as mundane as poor posture is helped by the therapeutic properties of the vibrations. It is an excellent tool for increasing strength, and because of its ability to increase strength, a person’s balance is impacted in a positive way.

How to Use Vibrational Therapy

Whole body vibration is put into operation by standing on a vibrating platform. The person using the vibration therapy machine may simply stand there, or for optimum results may hold static exercise poses or they may move about, as with dynamic exercises.

The vibrating machine that is chosen for use, along with the ability of the user, will determine what type of exercise, if any, is put into practice. The vibrations generated under the platform are transmitted to the person who is on the machine.

The intensity of the vibration is calibrated by the user in order to attain the desired effect. Sonic vibrations, up to 50 per second, stimulate full body muscle-contractions for each of the vibrations. These muscle contractions encourage a dramatic increase in blood flow to joints, muscles and the connective tissue within the body.

The result is an increase in bone mass and muscle strength and flexibility. High performance athletes from nearly every sport and discipline have benefited with their results from vibration training. Other non-sport related activities can benefit from vibration therapy machines as well.  Practices like yoga, or standing meditations may be done while standing on a vibration machine.

Available to the Public

vibration machine class

Vibration Therapy Class

Vibration therapy machines are not for exclusive use. No longer limited to professional or high level performance athletes, vibration therapy may be used at home to elicit fantastic results.

Personal trainers incorporate the use of vibration into customized plans and goals for the people they work with. Many of today’s workout gyms have a vibration plate for their clients’ use. Vibration plates are widely available to the general public. However, it is highly recommended that you educate  yourself and gain some experience in using a vibration machine prior to using one within your home work out routine.

Now, before you get to thinking, “hmmmmm, I remember old Aunt Millie used to have something like that tucked away”, you must know, these vibration machines are nothing like the ones used back in the sixties to attempt to firm unwanted fat.

The energy generated by these platforms (or in some cases reclining chairs) holds its vibration at a different level for a different purpose. The vibration machines of the past shook you up like someone busting concrete with a vibrating machine. Today’s vibrational therapy platforms are calibrated to produce small sonic vibrations.  While you still want to use caution if moving on the machine, today’s machines are not designed to jiggle you all over the place.

Check out this video of a TV spot for vibration therapy machines. It will give you a much better idea of how these machines work.

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Vibration Therapy – For Fitness or Energy Healing

When planning goals for fitness you might want to consider using vibration therapy  with a vibration therapy machine as a possible compliment with your current plans and goals. When used in addition to a movement plan that includes walking combined with strength training, the vibration machine may just be the ticket for improving the health and lifestyle back to a level of youthfulness and vitality.

You can also consider vibration therapy as another tool for energy healing. In this sense, you are treating not only your body, but your spirit. A restful and peaceful body is better able to heal and recover than one that is stressed.

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