What is NAET?

NAET is an alternative health practice discovered and developed by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad in 1983. Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, also known as NAET, is an energy psychology technique believed to alleviate allergies through reprogramming the nervous system. A blend of bio-mechanical energy balancing and holistic methods are used to address the problem of allergies in a non-invasive way.

Individual cases have shown people suffering from allergies their whole lives have been cured through this groundbreaking technique. The secret is really in how NAET deals with the whole body as an interconnected energy system. Western medicine tends to treat only the symptoms of allergies, while NAET addresses the root causes.

Disclaimer: There are many opponents of NAET that believe that Dr. Nambudripad’s technique and the means in which it was discovered is questionable in its claims.  This technique is very similar to Applied Kinesiology, which is subject to the same scrutiny. This article is not meant to prove the effectiveness of NAET, or to disprove them. It is meant only to provide information for you to decide if it is a course of treatment that you would like to explore.

How NAET Works

NAET treatment

NAET uses physical stimulation of the nervous system in conjunction with exposure to allergens to re-program the body to not react to the allergens. Essentially, a code or pattern is discovered that can be applied to the spine and various muscle groups using pressure. This pressure creates a coded signal that lets the subconscious chemical pathways re-set.

In NAET, and applied kinesiology, it is important to understand that an allergy is not a problem with a specific organ in the body, but is a energy flow issue as the various organs communicate with each other in subconscious processes. Allergy healing is achieved by interfacing directly with the bio-mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and energetic pathways via touch.

NAET is said to successfully cure adverse reactions to peanuts, penicillin, aspirin, egg, milk, mushrooms, latex, grass, ragweed, shellfish, flowers, animal dander, animal epithelial, perfume, make-up, chemicals, pathogens, heat, cold, cigarette smoke, and other environmental agents.

Allergens are treated one at a time, one per office visit. This allows the body to respond with maximum effect to the treatment methods. With a fairy strong immune system, one treatment may completely heal your reaction to that particular allergen. It sometimes takes just one treatment to desensitize one allergen in lighter cases. Typically about 10 to 20 allergens are tested and treated for persons suffering from moderate to severe conditions as conducted in 10 to 20 office visits.

Aspects of NAET Treatment


NAET therapy uses various interconnected disciplines of kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, oriental medicine, and nutrition to achieve the results of allergy healing. It is an experimental and very effective form of muscle testing for allergies. These following aspects are all part of the NAET treatment and method.

Instead of relying on one method, NAET treatment uses a combination of efforts to break through the painful and undesired habits of the body system, essentially reprogramming it from the inside out.


Kinesiology deals with the movement of the human body. Knowledge of Kinesiology is used in NAET treatment to determine the strength and weakness of any muscle in the presence and absence of a potential allergen. This is also called neuromuscular sensitivity testing, or NST. A perceived weakness in the presence of an allergen is due to the energetic re-routing caused by the bodies reaction to the substance. Muscle testing is used to determine if a substance is an allergy using a non invasive and drug free process.


Chiropractic techniques are used to detect the energy blockage in a specific nerve energy pathway. Various techniques are used to detect and isolate the nerve root being pinched in the body. Specific organ problems can be found by tracing the nerve routing and subsequently healed through spinal manipulation. Chiropractic medicine believes that a pinched nerve significantly alters the bodies’ energy flow and can cause disease. Chiropractors seek to establish an uninterrupted energy flow to promote optimum health.

Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine

According to Oriental tradition, “when the bodies system is in perfect balance, no disease can occur.” Therefore, a disturbance in the homeostasis of various systems, (meaning the interchange and balance between them is energetically imbalanced) is known to cause the symptoms of disease and allergy. Through direct modulation of energy pathways known as meridians, the acupuncture techniques effectively re-rout and redistribute misdirected energy through the body. This life energy can flow freely through the energy meridians, thus bringing the body into dynamic balance.


Nutrition takes extra effort in a world aimed at quick fixes and happy meals. The effect of food on the body is so significant that many NAET practitioners will only work with clients who agree to adhere to a new diet plan. In conjunction with allergy treatments, a nutritious diet can fine tune the body for health, happiness, and an allergy free existence.


Some western medical doctors outright oppose NAET and call it quackery. They criticize the methods for being to mystical and not based on scientific fact. The truth is that all science and medicine is a continuous discovery and revelation of information. We are constantly learning new and amazing thing about the human body and how we fit into the universe.

For example, it wasn’t until the 19020’s that doctors fully understood the female menstrual cycle. Scientists believed for years that it was the male sperm that contained all the life potential and that the female was inherently sterile. That understanding had to be radically revised after the discovery of the female egg.

In the same way, the human energy system is still in a state of discovery and many mainstream and conservative doctors do not fully embrace the newest discoveries. Thankfully, you can make your own observations, research, and conclude for yourself, if NAET treatment is right for you.


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