What is EFT?

In the field of energy healing, EFT primarily stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, though some may call it Energy Field Tapping. What is EFT all about? It is a psychological acupressure therapy that uses techniques derived from the energy healing modalities of acupuncture, energy medicine, neuro-linguistic programming, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

EFT practitioners and advocates believe that by tapping on certain meridian points (acupuncture/acupressure), while verbally focusing on a specific issue (Thought Field Therapy), and then repeating a positive affirmation (neuro-linguistic programming), you are able to correct a variety of psychological disorders (energy medicine).

EFT was brought into the field of energy psychology by Gary Craig in the 1990s via his book “EFT Handbook”. Mr. Craig, a Stamford University Engineering graduate and ordained minister, used this technique for many years to help people with an array of issues.

His daughter, Tina Craig, has followed in her father’s footsteps, and together they continue the advancement of this technique. There are many variations of the EFT tapping techniques available. The common thread running through most of them is the specified tapping points that stimulate your body’s energy meridians.

EFT Tapping Therapy Points

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    Tapping Points

    Karate Chop – the place to begin tapping; it is used to set up the affirmation

  • Top of the Head – top of the crown and center
  • Eyebrow – at the inner side of the brow by the nose bridge
  • Side of the Eye – at the outside edge of the eye bone
  • Under the Eye – directly under the pupil on the edge of the bone
  • Under the Nose – in the grove between upper lip and nose
  • Chin – in the hollow under the lower lip
  • Collarbone – in the hollow between the collarbone and the first rib
  • Under the Arm – approximately four inches below the center of the armpit

EFT Therapy Process

Begin by identifying an issue that causes you some sort of discomfort or dis-ease and then rate the intensity of that particular issue on a scale of zero to ten, with ten bearing the highest level of intensity. The goal of the process is to reduce the intensity level of the identified issue to a rating of zero, or no intensity. Once an issues is reduced to an intensity level of zero, you may move on to another issue.


The Karate Chop Point

After identifying and rating an issue, declare the following affirmative statement with the identified issue included: “Even though I have (state the issue) I completely love, honor and accept myself.”  Repeat the affirmation three times while gently tapping at the karate chop point of your non-dominant hand using the tips of the dominants hands’ fingers. For most people this would be tapping the karate chop point of the left hand with the finger tips of the right hand.

EFT2Then, proceed to tap each of the eight therapy points at least 7 times (but not many more than 7) beginning with the top of the head and proceeding down until reaching the under arm point; all the while continuing to repeat the affirmation while tapping. Once a person is accustomed to using the method described, tapping may be used anytime for relaxation and healing.  To some it may even feel a bit like a meditative practice. Most will find it, at the very least, a peaceful way to spend ten or fifteen minutes.

After each round of tapping, repeat the identified issue and, again, rate the intensity of the issue. In order to accurately rate the intensity, you must be aware of your feelings. Notice what you are feeling when you state and think about the issue. At the beginning of a session, your feelings, what ever they may be or however they manifest, will be strong and easier to notice. After a couple of rounds of tapping, you will notice the feeling are harder and harder to detect.

Continue rounds of tapping until the intensity level of the identified issue is zero, or at least 1 or 2. Very powerful and deep issues emote strong feelings and may not be able to be brought down to zero in the initial sessions. Additional sessions may be necessary to reach zero.

EFT4Using this therapy, you may address more than one issue at a time, but unrelated issues are best treated at different times.  As with many types of alternative healing treatments, EFT practitioners should be sure to consume enough water to stay hydrated and to flush away any toxins that may have been built up into the body and were released during the tapping session.

What is EFT Helping to Do?

Using EFT is believed to help:

  • Release old patterns and unhealthy habits
  • Dissipate negative emotions
  • Instill positive goals

EFT may be used as a way to assist a smoker to drop the habit. Or, although it would be the most effective as a compliment to more traditional methods, EFT could be used to help a person in recovery to elevate self-esteem, and move on to a more typical lifestyle.  The use of tapping therapies to rid the body of disease, such as headache or nausea, and emotional dis-ease, such as obsessive thought patterns or hyperactive behaviors is another way this form of energy healing may be used.

If you are familiar with Eastern Medicine’s theories of accessing the body’s meridian points, you will recognize that the tapping points follow the Eastern form of medicine using some of the body’s meridian points.  Just as acupuncture follows the meridians, EFT does the same.  One could think of EFT as acupuncture therapy without the needles.  It may be a perfect alternative for someone who wants the benefits of acupuncture but is afraid of needles.

What is EFT Therapy Preparing For?

EFT3EFT will continue to enhance other forms of personal healing. It is a compliment to talk therapy, other alternative energy healing work such as Reiki or Cranial Sacral work, and also works well with traditional western methods of healing physical and emotional illnesses.

Healing the mind and body using tapping to transfer and balance the energy flow is a method that may be used at home or within a therapy session with a health care provider or practitioner. It can prepare the body for future events in order to make that event heal quicker – i.e. prepare for a medical procedure. Or it may be used to repair damage that was inflicted to the mind or body from a much earlier time.  One would simply formulate the affirmation to correspond with the particular event.

EFT is a non-invasive way to address issues within the body and spirit and access personal growth and healing. It has been used to help children and adults recover from early childhood trauma. Whatever the dis-ease, EFT may bring forth a happier, healthier mind, body and spirit. That certainly is worth whatever time and effort was expended.

Energy healing may not show immediate results and results may differ with each individual. When using any therapy it is a good idea to keep in mind that in most cases the issue being resolved did not develop overnight. Therefore, although anything is possible, it may take longer than overnight to resolve the issue.

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