Tong Ren Therapy

Tong Ren Therapy falls within the scope of energy healing techniques.  It is a form of alternative or complimentary therapies.  To fully understanding Tong Ren Therapy it is important to first understand energy healing and how energy flows throughout the human body.

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The Human Energy Body

Humans are energy based beings.  All life is made up of energy and is interconnect through this energy.  This energy flows in and around us and connects each of use to each other, the natural world and the Universe.

Human Energy BodyThe foundations of Eastern medicine, those practices originating from China, Japan and/or India, are based on this energy, called Chi (Chee), Qi or Ki (Key), depending on the area of origin. QiGong from China, Reiki from Japan and other practices such as Tai Chi all use the same underlying principles of universal energy.

According to eastern practices, Qi, when flowing freely, flows smoothly in a circular pattern throughout the body. Freely flowing Qi brings balance and harmony to the human body and spirit. In other words, when our Qi is unblocked, we are experience optimum health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. However, when Qi is blocked, illness, disease, stress, anxiety, and other disorders are allowed to manifest.  Practices such as Tong Ren Therapy and others, get rid of the blockages and help to keep the Qi flowing freely.

How is a Tong Ren Treatment Administered?

Tong Ren Doll and Hammer

Tong Ren Doll and Hammer

There are several methods of administering a Tong Ren Treatment.  The commonality between them all is that they incorporate the use of a model, or a doll, into the treatment. This is similar to the more commonly known Voo-Doo doll. The doll acts as a representation of you, the patient, and the practitioner exercises his or her skill around the doll to harmonize your Qi.

How the practitioner administers treatment upon he doll varies. The following are a few of the more common methods of treatment:

  • The Tong Ren Hammer
    • This is the most common and most recognized method of administering Tong Ren. In this method, the Tong Ren practitioner uses a small, magnetic and lightweight instrument, best described as a hammer, to tap the identified trigger points on the model.  The tapping breaks down resistance, or energy blockages, at strategic points.  As the blockages are broken down, Qi flow more freely allowing you, the receiver, to heal.
  • The Tong Ren Laser
    • In this more modern method, the Tong Ren practitioner uses a laser beam rather than the hammer, but with the same intention. The laser represents heat and is used as one might think of receiving radiation treatments from a medical facility, except without the direct effect on the body.
    • It is as a way to help the body re-charge from the effects of radiation or chemotherapy treatments. The re-charging method is usually accomplished by aiming the laser at a specific area in the lower back region, known in eastern medicine as the dantien.
  • Tong Ren Pins
    • The pin method requires placing pins into the doll as an acupuncturist would on their patient.  Using locations shown and described in a reference called the Lazy Bum book, pins are placed on the designated locations and remain there for approximately 20 minutes.
    • It should be noted that the pin method is rarely used and is illegal to use in some locations.  The pin method was the first method developed in the Tong Ren system, but due to some legal restrictions the Laser and Hammer methods are now the preferred treatment options.
  • Tong Ren Discing
    • The discing technique requires at least three people who all participate equally in the healing.  This technique uses the same principles as the others, but adds the component of collective consciousness.  It is a more powerful and more focused practice than that of the hammer, pin or laser techniques. The patient identifies the location of the disorder and a disk shaped item (think tea pot lid, or the lid from a sugar bowl) is placed over the spot and the people giving the treatment simply hold the disc lightly as it moves around the location.

Tong Ren – Does It Work?

There is widespread belief among the followers of the practices of Tong Ren that it is so effective that it will cure cancer, even where other treatments won’t.  However, there is a qualification to this claim.  That is, that you should continue on whatever treatment you and your traditional health care provider decide is appropriate for the your treatment.  Tong Ren is not to be used as a substitute of any other treatment, but rather used in addition to other treatments, as a complimentary treatment.

Check out this local Fox news coverage of Tong Ren:

Body Locations Identified

In order to establish where to tap in order to effectively clear blockages, the Tong Ren practitioner will assess your discomfort at specific points along the different meridians of your energy flow. These points are your pain points or ouch points.  They are located along the meridians and when pressed will give a slight uncomfortable or mild feeling of pain.  This is where the practitioner would shine the laser light, tap the hammer, insert the pin, or cover with the disk.

Is Tong Ren A Religion?

Tong Ren Therapy

Tong Ren and Healing Bowls

No. Tong Ren is not a religion or a religious practice. Tong Ren is not a religion and is not based on any form of religion.  It is not even considered to be a spiritual practice.  Tong Ren is based solely upon the power of the collective unconscious.  This practice is based on believing in the intuitive and healing power that is within each person naturally from birth.

Tong Ren Therapy works well for many people.  It is quick to administer and is an inexpensive compliment to western healing techniques.

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