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Tapping TherapyYou face many challenges each and every day. There are the routine chores and errands that need to happen and mundane decisions to be made. What’s for dinner? Who will make the beds? Do I have time to go to the store?

Yet, how often do you just take time to think about yourself? What it is that could make your life better. There are many ways to improve your well being, including the method of meridian tapping, or tapping therapy.

This technique is easy to learn, and fun to do.  It may be done in as little as ten to fifteen minutes each day. Tapping therapy may be performed alone or under the direct guidance of a counselor or other health professional.

One of the keys to understanding tapping therapy is to understand your body’s meridian lines. The meridians line define the flow of energy throughout your body. These lines are not visible and cannot be felt in a traditional manner. Traditional Eastern Medicine uses the meridians as the basis of many forms of practice.  Those who use tapping therapy follow these lines.

So What is a Meridian?

Your body is made up of energy, just as the Universe is made of energy. This energy is referred to as Ki, Qi, or Chi (pronounced – Key or Chee).  Just as with the energy of the Universe, the human life energy flows throughout your body in a continuous motion.

Qi is made up of the opposing forces of Yin and Yang that flow in harmony and balance with each other. When one force is greater than the other, the balance is disturbed. When there is an imbalance within the body, the Qi gets stuck, or blocked, and will not flow properly and sickness arises.

The meridians are the lines that traditional Chinese medicine believes the life energy flows through. There are twelve of them and they correspond to particular organs of your body, are affiliated with only one of the two forces of Yin and Yang, and associate with a particular time of day. See the chart below of an outline of the different meridians.


Yin/Yang Affiliation

Time of Day Association



11 AM – 1 PM

Small Intestine


1 PM – 3 PM



3 PM – 5 PM



5 PM – 7 PM



7 PM – 9 PM

Triple Heater


9 PM – 11 PM

Gall Bladder


11 PM – 1 AM



1 AM – 3 AM



3 AM – 5 AM

Large Intestine


5 AM – 7 AM



7 AM – 9 AM



9 AM – 11 AM

The meridians run symmetrically along your body.  The twelve primary meridians run in a continuous pattern throughout the body in a circular/elliptical pattern. Each of these meridian lines have branches that flow out from them. The ends of these branches are where the pressure points from tapping are located. Using meridian tapping techniques helps to keep the flow in motion and not slowed or stopped by blockage.

Tapping Therapy – How to Use This Information

Since there are particular points along the meridians that are associated with various parts of the body as well as a particular time of day, you could keep track of time and notice when discomfort or dis-ease occurs. Then using that time frame, you may learn which meridian is out of balance.

When the points associated with that time frame or body locale are stimulated through tapping, they allow the energy to begin to flow more freely and thereby help to alleviate suffering throughout your body.

When using the tapping technique described below keep in mind that it is done as a total approach. Although you certainly could place additional focus on a single pressure point, it is more effective to keep the entire flow of energy in balance if each of the points are successively tapped.

Meridian Tapping – Tapping Therapy

tapping therapySimply put, meridian tapping is light tapping on specific energy points of your body to relieve stress, promote relaxation and to remove unhealthy blockages. Meridian tapping techniques help to break blockages and move them along so the Qi will flow freely.

To use the tapping technique, identify an emotion or imbalance (for references here use a headache as the example of the blockage).  Set a positive intention such as “This headache is of no use to me, I am more than a headache, I am pure love and I love myself”. Use the affirmation and begin to tap on key acupressure points along the meridians.

karate chop point

The Karate Chop Point

These points are often stated as the top of the head, the inner eyebrow area under the brow bone, outer eye bone, the hollow above the lip, the hollow in the chin under the bottom lip, the collarbone, and a spot approximately four inches under the armpit.  A point on the hand is also used. It is called the karate chop point and is located on the outside of the hand about an inch below the knuckle of the little finger. The karate chop point is proper point to begin and end a meridian tapping therapy session.

Now, while continuously repeating the positive affirmation, tap each point lightly 7-10 times.  This practice should take about ten to fifteen minutes.  You might feel immediate relief or you might feel an emotional release of some type hours or even days later. As with any energy working practices, remember to stay well hydrated to keep toxins from accumulating.

Tapping Therapy and Western Medicine

Western Medicine is beginning to understand, and even incorporate into health care treatment plans, what are considered to be the more traditional Eastern practices such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Meditation and Reiki. It may seem like these are New Age practices, but in fact they have been in use for thousands of years in one form or another.

Your state of mind has much to do with your ability to accomplish goals and deal with life’s challenges. Keeping a positive affirmation in mind at all times during the tapping session is a great way to put your mind in a state where goals are more easily accomplished. In addition to following the doctors’ instructions, a positive approach to all over health and well being might include a variety of alternative therapies.

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