How To Do Reiki

How to do Reiki” is a common question, especially after you have had a personal experience with the practice. This relaxing and rejuvenating energy healing technique is learned by taking Reiki classes from a certified Reiki Master-Teacher. Reiki training consists of classes or workshops at progressive levels to empower the practitioner and bring out the natural ability that each person has within them.

When a person first begins to learn Reiki they do so by seeking a Reiki Master-Teacher who is qualified to pass along Reiki Attunements. While there is much to be learned from the application of Reiki, the power of Reiki comes from the attunement process.  Only a Reiki Master-Teacher who has been trained to pass along attunements is allowed to teach Reiki to others.

How to do Reiki

how to do reikiDuring a Reiki session, the practitioner will use their hands, either on the receiver, hovering over the receiver, or at a distance from the receiver, to manipulate the life force energy.

Manipulating the life force energy in such a way treats the receiver in a holistic manner: mentally, physically, and spiritually. The practice also uses a series of symbols to help in the harmonizing of the energy.

The goal of a Reiki massage session is to release blockages in the life force energy that have been caused by a unbalance of the opposing forces of Yin and Yang that make up the life force energy. Blockages result in dis-ease, stress, anxiety, emotional disorders, and other mental and spiritual issues.

Reiki massage can be performed with the receiver remaining fully clothed either in a horizontal position, such as on a massage table, seated, or standing. The horizontal position is the preferred method because it is the most comfortable for the receiver and it allows the practitioner to access all the key points.

reiki massageThe Reiki Master will likely do a brief scan of the bodies’ energy field, then they would begin to transmit the universal life force energy, or Qi, to the receiver. This is usually done using a light touch on key points of the body, but it is important to remember that a Reiki Master does not have to touch your body to transmit Reiki to you. They may hover, or hold their hands above you, at the same key locations a distance of about 4-6 inches away. This makes it especially practical of you do not like to be touched.

The length of the treatment will vary between practitioners, but the average time to schedule for an appointment would be about an hour.  This includes time for a brief intake visit and a short exit visit to discuss how you felt during the treatment.

Reiki Lineage

reiki attunementReiki has been passed down through generations of Master-Teachers, each of whom carries the lineage of the Master who taught him or her.  The Reiki Master’s Lineage is an important part of the training.

Who they are and how they teach is directly related to who they learned from.  It is said that any Master-Teacher worth their salt will provide their students a copy of their lineage along with the student’s certification.

Reiki Training Online

The practice of Reiki and the Attunements used to empower the student are best learned with actual hands on experience and Reiki attunements are best performed one on one with Master-Teacher and student.  While it is a generally accepted way to learn Reiki, many Reiki Master-Teachers agree that online or in home Reiki training lacks a certain power than when learned in person.

However, sometimes in person training is just not an option. If this is the case with you, check out the Alternative Healing Academy’s Home Courses. They offer different courses for your current level:
Learn Usui Reiki Level 1 via Home Study at the Alternative Healing Academy
Learn Usui Reiki Level 2 via Home Study at the Alternative Healing Academy
Learn Usui Reiki Levels 3/Master via Home Study at the Alternative Healing Academy
Become a Reiki Master – Learn Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3 via Home Study at the Alternative Healing Academy

Reiki Training In Person

If home study is not your cup of tea and you want to learn directly from a Reiki Master Teacher, finding classes in your area may be a easy as a quick search on Google. Reiki is taught at most schools that offer training in massage therapy, which are very common in most major metropolitan areas.

Here is a list of a few school in major cities across the US. We do not have any affiliation with any of these locations, so please do your due diligence before handing out any money.

Reiki Training – Levels One and Two

Basic Reiki training comprises of two different levels typically taught with a break between each level. The break allows the student to absorb the newly acquired skills before getting additional training. Below is a outline of what is typically taught in each level.

Reiki Level I

  • History of Reiki and its Practice
  • Introduction to the life force energy of the human body and the 7 chakras
  • Introduction to simple meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Receiving of 4 attunements
  • Instruction on giving treatments in various positions – seated/lying down/standing
  • Instruction on giving self-treatments
  • Instruction on using proper hand positions

Learn Usui Reiki Level 1 via Home Study at the Alternative Healing Academy

Reiki Level II

  • Introduction to the Meaning and Use of Reiki Symbols
  • More advanced training in meditation and energy awareness
  • Instruction on how to give Reiki II treatments
  • Instruction on giving distance treatments
  • Receiving of 2 additional attunements

Learn Usui Reiki Level 2 via Home Study at the Alternative Healing Academy

Reiki Training – Advanced

It is always exciting when a Reiki practitioner decides to take advance level training. The advanced classes will further develop your healing skills and allow you, the Reiki practitioner, to develop a more clear perspective of your inner self.

Reiki is not a religion, but it can be a highly spiritual practice. Developing your spiritual side has benefits far beyond the practice of Reiki. It can allow you to reach pinnacles and scale past obstacles that you might not think possible.

Please note, advanced training does not require you to become a Reiki teacher. In fact many Masters-Teachers divide the advanced class into two distinct options – Master (Level III) or Master-Teacher.

Reiki Level III

Level III is an advanced training developed for those who do not want to teach, but rather, wish to deepen their individual practices. The Level III class allows you to use additional symbols, including the Master Symbol.

Level III Reiki involves not only learning the symbol and receiving the Master attunement, but also the application of the Master Symbol when giving treatments. This is another way to further reach the spiritual connection to the universe.

Master-Teacher Level

Master-Teacher is the training you receive in order to teach Reiki and pass on the attunements to others. It is said the Master gets as much out of sharing the Reiki energy as the person receiving, and that this is especially true when giving/receiving the attunements.

Learn Usui Reiki Levels 3/Master via Home Study at the Alternative Healing Academy

Reiki Certification

A student earns certification from their Reiki Master when they have successfully completed the Master’s requirements given in their Reiki classes. A certificate is different than a license, and any Reiki practitioner should check with their State’s licensing departments for any licensing that may be necessary in order to practice Reiki in their desired area.

Reiki – A Life Changing Experience

Learning how to do Reiki is a life changing experience. Whatever your reasons are behind wanting to become a certified Reiki professional, you are sure to gain more than just knowledge from this time honored tradition of energy healing. It is an opportunity of personal, spiritual, mental, and physical growth. We know you will enjoy the experience.


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